Sorry to leave you guys hanging

I guess I kinda left everyone in suspense with regards to what happened in that job vs. tournament situation last Friday.

Well, I called the producer not long after posting that. Basically, he had passed my resume along to his higher-ups, who were looking for people to work on Saturday. However, if I was going to get the job, they would’ve called me first. In other words, I got worried over nothing.

The tournament went smoothly. If anything, we had an overabundance of people there. We had to modify the qualifying round of PA from two songs to one lest we add another hour to the time it would’ve taken. For once, JSB didn’t win (but then again, he didn’t really try since he and the other competitor agreed to split the money). Handicap Challenge was a huge success, and there was a newcomer to Freestyle who told us he’d never competed before, then amazed all of us with an extremely fluid routine. (He didn’t place, though – he probably would’ve done better if he’d put the song – Let’s Get Down – on Little. Those 1/8th notes disrupted his flow a bit.) I’ll be selling video CDs in a little while (proceeds will be donated to another Bemani site who’s in need of funding), so stay tuned.

Anyway, if the job had been there, I likely would’ve taken it. I think it’s about time I start getting my priorities straight now; I’ve told everyone I’m not likely to take on another long-term leisure project until my career has progressed beyond the starting line. I certainly don’t want this sort of thing to come up again.


3 thoughts on “Sorry to leave you guys hanging

  1. loogaroo

    EAT 2 videos

    I’m likely to just sell the video CDs by mail, actually. I’ve gotten everything but PA done, so I should be making an announcement by tomorrow.


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