Uncle Tim feels icky.

Woke up at 6:00 this morning with a horrific sore throat. Thank God for those Chloraseptic strips (kinda like those Listerine strips, but for sore throats – natch); took two of those and went back to sleep for another 3 1/2 hours. Unfortunately, they don’t have any strips like that for feeling generally cruddy, but oh well.

Found out about a half hour later that our water meter was being flooded. Had to go out there with a plastic cup and get rid of all the water there. Turns out a coupling leading out from the meter was leaking. It filled up twice more throughout the day, although I was out of the house by then. Did some Christmas shopping (with $100 lent by my mom) – four gifts down, three to go. Ate lunch at the new A&W/KFC place on Victoria behind Marie Callenders. A&W is my least favorite root beer, but I hadn’t had it in so long I didn’t mind. $4.57 for two hot dogs, fries and a drink – not a bad deal.

Then came the hard part – babysitting for my sister while she and Mom picked up my brother from the airport. Lemme tell ya – those kids are rambunctious bordering on unruly. It was bad enough that I barely had the energy to walk around, but chasing three kids, none of whom are older than four, just about wiped me out. I tried to explain to them that “Uncle Tim feels icky,” but that really didn’t sink in with them. Luckily, William (the eldest) got worn out enough that he needed a nap, and a couple coloring books kept the twins busy enough until Anne arrived with my brother, Chris.

We stuck around for a little while as Chris got a tour of Anne’s house, said hi to the kids and stuff. Then we drove back home, where Chris prodded me about my anti-union-except-for-the-one-I’m-in stance I’m holding. I also mentioned that if this thing doesn’t get settled by the 10th – when my car insurance payment is due and I’ll really be strapped for cash – screw it, I’m crossing the line.

We went home, had dinner (Goulash – yecch), listened to Chris jam on the guitar for a while, were visited again by Anne and the Unholy Trinity, burned a few EAT 2 video CDs, and that leads us to right about now.

The fact that I’m not collapsed on my bed is surprising to me.


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