DMX is hazardous to your health.

OK, so I haven’t played Dance Maniax in at least a month in a half (which was when I went to my last LAN party at EA). So on a fluke I decide to play a game. I’m a bit rusty, but I still manage to get combos upward of 200.

The last song comes up. Nonstop Special 2. I’m getting really into it, swinging my arms wildly and bouncing to the rhythm. I’ve got an S with about 5 measures to go.


I slam my right hand against the sensor. I pretty much punted the rest of the song since I was still recoiling in pain. Definitely that’s gonna leave a mark.

Oh well. At least I’ve picked up three new SDG’s (AM-3P, Freckles, and Senorita) as well as a close one on Put Your Faith in Me. And I think I’m close to AAing So Deep, believe it or not.


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