That was fun! Can we do that again?

I’d gotten off the phone with Grandma. She needed someone to drive her over to Smart & Final to get some stuff for the little convenience store in her community.

About 5 seconds after I’d hung up, I heard the pans hanging behind me starting to clink together. At first, I thought the wind had gusted and was blowing into the house. Then I and my brother noticed the Windex bottle on the counter. The blue stuff was starting to swish back and forth. That’s when I decided that yes, this was an earthquake after all.

I got under the kitchen table. Chris went outside. It was a fairly interesting sensation – it was a gentle rolling, like I was on a boat or something. Not like the Northridge quake of ’94, which started as a jolt that woke me up, then about 15 seconds of shaking. We’re all fine – in fact, we pretty much went back to our routines after that.


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