Saints go marching in

Thank you, New Orleans Saints.

I was on pins and needles this morning – the Seahawks had finally won a road game, putting their record for the year at 10-6. That’s the best record they’ve had since I got out of elementary school, and yet a playoff spot was still not locked up. We had to hope for either Dallas, Minnesota or Green Bay to lose a game in order to get in. Dallas was playing New Orleans. I typically don’t watch CBS’ football coverage (way too many Raiders games – ugh), but I was wistfully staring at their out-of-town scoreboard while Indianapolis played in Houston.

At about 1:05, I saw it flash in front of my eyes:

NO 13

They did it! Saints beat the Cowboys! Seattle has made the playoffs!!

To cap it off, Minnesota lost their game in Arizona as well, putting the finishing touches to a late-season choke job which ended up putting them out of the playoffs. Boo hoo.

Seahawks play the Packers in Green Bay next week. I’m certainly not looking forward to that matchup – put together “playoffs” and “Brett Favre” in the same equation, and fireworks often result. But I think we’re ready to avenge our first loss of the season – a 35-3 walloping in Week 4. In any event, I’m very happy with the way the season turned out. (Of course, if it weren’t for two mistakes by the referees, we could’ve just as easily been 12-4. Oh well.)


One thought on “Saints go marching in

  1. Anonymous

    My family and I are Vikings fans Loog and my brother was at that Cards game. You couldn’t believe how pissed we all were when we saw the final score.

    Nick Johnson


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