I tasted freedom… and it tasted good

Usually my dreams aren’t as coherent as this, but this time I’m glad I remembered it.

I’m working at Vons (the small one, before we moved into the big store). I’m doing my thing, while my old manager and assistant manager are having a discussion. Out of the blue, the manager says, “Tim, I wish you wouldn’t eavesdrop on us.”

I completely deny it, but again the manager accuses me of eavesdropping. At that point, I decide I’ve had enough. I tell the manager to see me in the office. He says no, but I insist. He asks why, and I say, “Because I want to tell you off, and I don’t want to do it in front of the customers.” Which I then proceed to do. I even remember recounting the line given to me when they lied to my face last June about a promotion: “The only appreciation you should expect from us is a check at the end of the week.” When I leave the office, a couple of the checkers and baggers are applauding as I walk out the door.

Boy, that felt gooooooood.

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