A PoliWolf preview poll (yay for alliteration)

I’ll be putting up a PoliWolf column on the fallout from the terrorist attack in Spain tomorrow, but first I thought I’d see what the visitors to this LJ think about the issue. So…

I’ll also have a thread up on my message board to discuss this tomorrow if you guys are interested in talking at length about this.


2 thoughts on “A PoliWolf preview poll (yay for alliteration)

  1. tleberle

    Question three shou have another option:

    I don’t think an attack would affect the election.

    I pick that, and I don’t want to vote on the other questions if I can’t accurately answer the questions. How about “I don’t know” or “Don’t Care” or “None of the above- something else will happen.”


  2. jiggery_pokery

    Hope you don’t mind a non-US resident answering the poll; feel free to discount my responses if that’s not what you intended. (I also didn’t answer question four at first because of the use of the word “we”, but on balance, I do think that a significant chunk, though not nearly all, of the anti-American feeling in the world is dedicated at GWB.)

    Full disclaimer and partial explanation of why I haven’t beFriended you even though I often enjoy your writing: by American standards, my politics are wayyyy off to the loony left. 🙂 (Traditionally pretty centrist by UK standards, but all our big parties have drifted to the right compared to where they were, to varying extents.)


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