Don’t ask me how I pulled this off…

I’ve been making it a point when I play DDR to do a 10-footer as the last song every game in an attempt to buildup my stamina. Last night, during one of my games, I decided to give MaxX Unlimited a try. And I actually managed to beat it.

The four previous times I’ve beaten MaxX, I’ve gotten a D. While playing it this time around, I noticed my handling of the pre-freeze portion of the song fairly well, so I thought maybe I’d get a C. You can imagine my shock, then, when I looked at the results screen and saw this:

Oddly enough, MaxX is starting to get a bit easier than Max300, which I played twice last night and failed both times. MaxX is not all that draining until after the pause when it speeds up; the first half of the song is fast, but more sparse when compared to Max300. I also gave PSM Heavy a try for the first time; I died just before the “big” slowdown. (You know, the two freezes that precede the jumpy part).

And while we’re on the discussion of DDR, I AAA’d 1998 on Saturday:

Still haven’t gotten My Summer Love yet, although I’m actually starting to get a Perfect on that double step once in a while now.

4 thoughts on “Don’t ask me how I pulled this off…

  1. caffymajin

    nice job loog, and as your stamina increases, the end gets slightly easier everytime 🙂 (i’m in the exact same boat as you, except i’m concentrating on LoM)


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