Dude, I should’ve gotten a Dell.

A few weeks ago, I decide that it’s about time to upgrade my own computer (as opposed to the family computer which I’m typing up on; my computer isn’t connected to the internet, however). This thing is woefully obsolete – I haven’t really changed anything since about 1999.

So I go over to CompUSA, figuring that I need three things: a new motherboard, a new processor, and some RAM. $300 later, I walk out with an Athlon AMD processor, 512MB of RAM, and some motherboard by a company I’ve never heard of. So now it’s time to head back home and put everything together. I drive home, get the computer case for my old comp, and immediately begin dismantling the thing.

That was my first mistake.

It wasn’t until the computer was almost entirely deconstructed that I realized my power supply was also obsolete. (The guy at the store asked what kind of power supply I had, but I couldn’t remember. So of course, I had the wrong one.) Not only that, I also find out that the new motherboard is pretty honking big – too big for this old case. So now I need a new power supply and a new tower. (And I also needed to put everything back together in the old computer – which I managed to do after about three or four tries.)

Fast forward to two weeks later, when I head back to CompUSA and get a new power supply and a new case. I’m all ready to go, right? Wrong. I now discover that my keyboard is outdated, and the only adapter I can find goes backwards. So now it’s back to CompUSA to buy a new friggin’ keyboard.

OK, after that, I start hooking things up and plugging things in. After a couple hours, I figure I’m ready to fire this puppy up and install all the drivers. Of course, that’s a little hard to do when the montior stays blank.

As it turns out, not only did I not have the CPU seated properly (I forgot about that swinging arm thing, which meant I had to fight with the accursed CPU fan mount again.), the video card didn’t go in right. I have to kind of angle it in, meaning I can’t screw it into the case. After fiddling around with it for about 3 hours, I finally get a signal into the monitor. I run the system, install all the new drivers, and now everything is back up to speed.

The next time I need an upgrade, screw it – I’m buying a whole new computer.


5 thoughts on “Dude, I should’ve gotten a Dell.

  1. silius

    That’s crazy. I’m glad you got it working, but I’m with you on that “buying a whole new computer” bit. I ordered a brand new Dell just a month or two ago. That was probably one of the best things I ever did. It’s a lot easier than upgrading, especially condering that the case to our old PC (now the “Family PC” because the Dell stays in my bedroom) is stuck tight. I actually cut myself a few times just trying to open the case so I could install an Ethernet card to network these two PCs together.

  2. loogaroo

    Well, I had it working… for about three hours. I think I inadvertently overclocked the CPU and fried it, because I was using it a few days ago and it locked up, then refused to reboot despite all attempts to fix it.

    The good news is, I’ve gotten really good at putting my old computer back together…


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