Another LAN Party last night. Actually, it was more of an all-day event.

I drove up to Simi Valley and picked dmnsux0rz at the Metrolink station. Then I drove over to pick up djtyrant and brought them to my place for some Pre-LAN Party funness. We went in the pool for a while (which was really nice until the wind picked up and I was freezing like crazy. We went inside, watched some flash movies, and played Nintendo for a while. Namely, DMN took part in the most hotly-contested game of Tecmo Super Bowl of all time. I ended up losing in overtime – largely thanks to the two fumbles on my team – but it was close the entire way, especially considering the 90-yard touchdown pass I had to perform to even force overtime.

Then it was off to Toppers for dinner: a large pizza and 3 drinks for just $3. Gotta love free coupons.

Next stop was Golf ‘n’ Stuff. All three of us stunk things up on the course, but there were a few highlights. Namely, there’s a hole where you have to hit the ball hard enough and straight enough to send it up a ramp at the far end. If you got it, it was an automatic hole in one. DMN managed to get it up the ramp, but as it wentdown to the green, it rattled out of the little box used to catch the ball, landed on the green… and went into the actual hole. Nice.

Finally, we got to EA at about 10:00. From there, it was twelve straight hours of DDR, IIDX, CounterStrike and Battlefield. I came in with three black flags, hoping I could knock a couple of them down. As it turns out, the number of black flags in my possession ended up increasing to five, as I added Miracle Moon and Pink Rose to the list. GRRR. I also came with in one second of clearing the From GF&DM oni course. Damn that ending drumroll on Across the Nightmare.

The fun continued througout the night – Jon and I took part in a game of Baseball Simulator 1.000 that was just as close as the Tecmo Super Bowl match we’d played earlier in the day. I lost – again. Unfortunately, I pretty much crashed at about 8:30. I took a nap for about a half hour, but that didn’t help at all. (If anything, it made me even more tired.) DMN & Tyrant were similarly tired, so we decided to call it a day. I dropped them off at Tyrant’s house, got home at quarter to 10, and headed straight to bed. I woke up again at around 3:00.


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