Another punctuated equilbrium at EA

Two more AAA’s to flaunt (of course they’re seven-footers, but still).

AAA #15: Nori Nori Nori

AAA #16: Do it Right

I almost – and I mean almost managed to finally AAA Last Message, but it was not to be. On one occasion, I had to the very end, then got 2 Greats in the last 8 or so steps. Another time (on Extra Stage), I had it until it came close to the end, then got a pad Miss. GRRRR.

On top of that, I managed to pass two more 5s on IIDX – V (with 100%, no less) and Starmine. Light7 Auto Scratch rocks. 🙂

This is sizing up to be a pretty good week.

4 thoughts on “Another punctuated equilbrium at EA

  1. djtyrant

    Ack, you’re passing me in IIDX >_<

    And you’re owning me in DDR.

    Well now that I have a job I’ll have a lot more money to play with =).



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