Loog’s List #3

In celebration of the fact that I got my first bill for my new computer:

The five things that Loog still needs to do to make his computer 100% back to the way it was

1. Figure out why my TV tuner isn’t working and re-install it.

2. Go to Target; return my CounterStrike game for one that actually has a CD in the box.

3. Download Virtual Stopwatch or some other countdown timer programs for when I’m feeling all game show-y again.

4. Retrieve the NeoRageX emulator; get Money Exchanger ROM.

5. Get my old crippled hard drive back from my brother-in-law and see if there’s anything I can do myself to recover any files from it.

How many of those will actually get accomplished (especially 1; I’m about ready to give up and buy a whole new one) remains to be seen.


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