Just call me Loogaroo Moneymaker

I just came back from ym first trip to an honest-to-God casino, namely the Chumash casino in Santa Ynez. I figured it was time to cash in the jar of change I had on my dresser (which amounted to $70) and see if I could make a little money – or at least, not hemorrhage money – at a real poker table.

So I sat down at the 2-4 Hold ’em table, and started out with the typical beginner’s luck – a pair of Kings on my first hand was enough to win my first pot. Action was pretty slow for the day, although I did try to stay out of harm’s way as much as I could, only calling with decent hands and folding if I missed the flop. All in all, I ended up protifing about $11 for about an hour and a half worth of playing.

Which I then blew on gas for the ride home. Note to self: next time I go (and there will be a next time, for sure), gas up in Ventura, where it’s about 30¢ less per gallon.


10 thoughts on “Just call me Loogaroo Moneymaker

  1. loogaroo

    Well, actually, I was going to put it into a Coinstar, but I went to two different supermarkets and both their machines were out of order. So I went to the Ventura County Credit Union branch about a block away and cashed it in there for about $1.50 less. Woot.


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