This is what we call “sour grapes”

I went to the mall today, looking for some new jeans to replace the ones that are slowly decaying in my dresser. While there, I stopped over at Suncoast and picked up Volume 2 of the MST3K collection. Apparently, the girl who rang me up recognized me as the guy who plays DDR all the time at EA. She then goes on to mention that it was my fault that her boyfriend got banned from said establishment for shouting loudly while watching someone else play King of Fighters, hence drowning out the music played on the DDR machine. (I should note that said banshee was about 20 feet away, overwhelming music played from speakers mere inches from my eardrums. Quite a feat, that.) She then went on to remark at how much I must suck if I can’t concentrate while someone is screaming at the top of his lungs nearby. I should’ve just given the DVDs back and said, “Y’know, I changed my mind. I’m gonna go buy this somewhere else where the person running the register doesn’t badmouth her customers.”

And just for the record, Miss “I date a total jackass”: Your boyfriend wasn’t banned from EA because he’s a loudmouth. He was banned from EA because he was trying convince other patrons who were paid into a LAN party to drop out so he could sign up. I don’t consider myself an expert on business management, but telling people not to spend their money at a place of business is not going to win you much favor from its proprietors.


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