“I can’t find a ride.”

That seems to be the #1 excuse to why just about everyone in SoCal doesn’t appear to be able to make it to EAT3. And frankly, this is pissing me off to no end.

This tournament was announced on May 6th. You’ve had THREE FUCKING MONTHS to figure out who’s transporting whom to our little DDR shindig. Telling the organizers eight days before the event “Oh noes, I just remembered I don’t have a car!!!11!!!1!1one” while said organizers are worried about how much money the establishment where said tournament is to take place is going to lose on account of the fact that we have a $1000 prize budget and look to be taking in approximately $20 in entry fees (and that’s if the hosts are allowed to compete) is not a very happy combination.

I drove from Ventura to Loma Linda on Tuesday. That’s about a 150-mile drive. I did it all by myself. I left home at around noon and got there around 2 PM. I left at 10 and got home just before midnight. That’s what we have to do, because we live so far away from the rest of the SoCal people that just about every destination worth going to is at least 90 miles away. Jimmy & I have to basically pick and choose the tournaments/gatherings we go to, because every such gathering is a major excursion to which we have to leave in the mid-morning to get there on time.

So when I announce a tournament THREE FUCKING MONTHS in advance, and all I hear from the rest of SoCal is “we don’t have a ride”, I believe I have a right to be angry. Especially since I made a promise to the owners of EA that this was going to be one of those tournaments that was going to attract the entire SoCal mob. At last count, we had 10 people pre-registered. One of them is moving away on Monday, one of them gets in free anyway, and 2 more have just given the “no ride” excuse. That leaves seven people, and unless they all sign up for every event – which isn’t gonna happen – that still leaves us $580 in the hole, or $480 if we cancel Oni and save ourselves that $100.

I have been busting my ass trying to organize this thing. The least you guys can do is show up.


11 thoughts on ““I can’t find a ride.”

  1. jamezmartinn

    wanna give me a ride?


    If you made the commitment to them that you’d get a large turnout, it might be in the best interest to try and postpone it?

    Honestly that is what I’d do. Give it some thought. Its not like you’d lose a lot of potential entries you know?

    If it were my machine I’d probably postpone it anywhere from 2-8 weeks from the planned date, and spend every second from now on hyping the shit out of it.

    Either way good luck with it 😀

  2. loogaroo

    I’ll wait until Jimmy comes back from his trip and I know exactly the number of pre-regs/entries we have before I make the decision whether or not to push it back. For all I know, we could have 30 pre-regs right now. But everyone I talked to either can’t make it or is 50/50 at best.

  3. alphaoperator

    I’ll see if I can hitchhike from Erie… y’know I think that if you’re careful you can sneak onto a train going in the right direction, as long as you don’t fall off, get caught by the railroad police, or have someone already on the train stab you 35 times, do something obscene with your body, and then steal your wallet and pants.

  4. dmnsux0rz

    See i at least have legitimate excuse for not going…. seeing as the trip there would be pricey, but jesus christ, a lot of you people need to get off your ddr-ing asses and learn how to drive…….

  5. loogaroo

    According to Tyrant’s post on DDRFreak, we have 14 pre-regs. I don’t know what the total breakdown of each event is, but that sounds halfway decent at least.


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