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So I’m listening to FM radio for the first time in about two weeks, and what band do I hear?


Weren’t they, like, banned from the radio or something? (Granted, I’d rather listen to this song than any of the junk being put out today, but still.)


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  1. loogaroo

    Re: Nice subject

    The long and short of it: Milli Vanilli was a group of two people who had a few hits in the late ’80s, but were thoroughly humiliated when it was found that they were just lip synching songs recorded by studio musicians. (Hence the title of the topic.)

  2. Anonymous

    Could of been worse

    Hey Loog, MMXfan here again, i really could of been worse. My 80’s station is notorious for playing junk like Milli Vanilli (blame it on the pain it caused me). But they could of played something like Toni Basil’s Walking in LA, Eddie Murphy’s Party all the Time, Bruce Willis’s Respect Yourself, Murray Head’s One Night in Bangkok, and finally, Don Johnson’s Heartbeat. Well………….. ah crap, they are playing Walking in LA now. I better turn it off and listen to my Best of Huey Lewis and the News 3 disc set.

  3. Anonymous


    Want to know something embarrassing Loog? Milli Vanilli was actually featured in a Super Mario Bros. 3 cartoon in 1990. It seemed like the princess had no idea that they were bogus. I wonder how much DiC was red faced after finding out that they were frauds.

    Nick Johnson

  4. alphaoperator

    Girl you know it’s (click) Girl you know it’s (click) Girl you know it’s (click) Girl you know it’s (click) Girl you know it’s (click)…

    I think one of them died of a drug overdose.

  5. donaldduck5671

    Re: Nice subject

    consider what IS on the radio now, they might as well put Silli Vanilli back on, along with with Tiffany, Deborah Gibson, NKOTB,….

    is currently listening to Mindy Smith


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