After watching Bush’s address tonight, I have one thing to say:

If you aren’t voting for this guy at this point, there’s nothing else that’ll convince you… you pinko commie bastard.


11 thoughts on “Wow.

  1. shinmizu

    Hear, hear! Plinko is down right one of the most capitalistic games you will ever have the God-given pleasure of setting your eyes upon! If you were French, I’d have to shoot you for disrespecting its name.

  2. pacdude

    That’s sad if you let your race and your financial standings determine your political leanings. I live in a heavily African-American section of North Philadelphia. I should be voting Democrat. I’m Portuguese. I should be voting Democrat.

    But I’m not. I look at the views of both the people running for office, I determine what I think is best for both myself and America, and then I make my decision based on all that. And looking at everyone, I think that I should be voting for George W. Bush.

  3. jakey_mcjake

    Well, I sure love stiled rhetoric and recycled speeches from four years ago, so I suppose I pretty much have to vote for Bush. However, John Kerry’s just as insincere and fabulously wealthy, so I’m really torn.


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