Never again.

Three years ago today, nineteen heartless miscreants led by a madman bent on the destruction of western civilization hijacked four planes and flew them into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, killing 3029 people and shattering the image of American invulnerability.

I’d like to take this time to extend my thoughts and prayers to all those who lost friends and family members as the result of this horrific attack. Your losses will never be forgotten, and those who did it will never be forgiven. We must never forget what happened that day, and we must never lose sight of what must be done to ensure that it never happens again.

3 thoughts on “Never again.

  1. alphaoperator


    And let us not forget the heroes of that day! May their sacficies live on through our country’s history and not be forgotten. The firefighters, the emergency workers, the airline passengers who fought back, even those who gave their resources, their blood, their time, and even their very lives so others could live.

    It took an unspeakable act, but it really brought the best out in Americans.

  2. nnnnnnnooooooo


    You didn’t wrote that, did you? That uses incredible imagery, diction, and syntax. Very well presented.

    I think the best way to prevernt it is to make the most of the day we’re in. Remember the days, but don’t dwell on them. Carpe diem


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