One down, 15 to go.

Seattle Seahawks – 21
New Orleans Saints – 7

Same team that we went up against in the season opener last year, and the same result.

A lot of people are picking the Seahawks to go all the way to the Super Bowl this year. I’ll believe that when the ‘Hawks are up 14 and have the ball with 30 seconds to go in the NFC championship game. But hey, I could see them winning the division. I mean, the only other team that might challenge us is the Rams, and I don’t see them pulling it off.

On top of that, the Raiders lost. So this has been a pretty damn good Week 1 thus far.

Next week: vs. Tampa Bay (0-1)


6 thoughts on “One down, 15 to go.

  1. smartguy323

    Damn, ur Seahawks had to be in the same division as the 49ers =(….But then again, its not like we going to make it BIG anytime soon, therefore, It be nice to see a team like the Hawks make it all the way to the Bowl

  2. loogaroo

    Alexander is day-to-day with a bone bruise. According to a radio report, he “could miss 1 or 2 games”.

    Considering how our next two opponents are Tampa Bay (who had zero offense yesterday) and San Francisco (who is probably the worst team in the NFL this year), I’m not concerned.


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