Special appearance by Phil Luckett

Seattle Seahawks – 10
Tampa Bay Referees – 6

Special thanks to FOX for deciding to pre-empt the late game coverage here for infomercials for the Ultimate Chopper and Midgets Selling Stocks. Looks like the Outer Mongolia rule is still going strong. (Meaning TV stations would rather air a lawn bowling tournament between Tibet and Outer Mongolia than put the Seahawks on TV.)

Followed the game on ESPN’s game track, which of course is about three minutes behind the action. You can bet that as I watched the play readout:

“15-yard penalty by Seattle”
“9-yard penalty by Seattle”
“15-yard penalty by Seattle”
“15-yard penalty by Seattle”

I just about swallowed my uvula. NO TEAM commits four consecutive penalties for 54 yards when the game is on the line like that. NO TEAM. Not even the Raiders. When I heard that the game-saving pick was under review, me and Washington correspondent tleberle were thinking the same thing – “What the hell is there to review?” Luckily, the play stood. We’re starting the season 2-0, baby – and we haven’t even played a home game yet.

Next week: vs. San Francisco (0-2)


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