This is why I don’t watch games with the family

St. Louis Rams – 33
Seattle Card Tables – 27 (OT)

The Seahawks lost today. Because my mom made them lose.

My mom is one of those people who roots for a team, but as soon as anything happens that can be construed as bad, immediately recants tales of woe and despair from years’ past. And then, as if brought upon by her will alone, the ‘Hawks suddenly turn into a high school JV squad. And then she complains that they lose every time she watches them.

The ‘Hawks were up 27-10 with 5 1/2 minutes to go in the game when the Rams set up a touchdown drive. Of course, to my mom, this means that the Seahawks have already lost. It’s merely a matter of formality of how the choke is going to play out.

So 3 interceptions, 4 batted passes, 2 sacks, 3 touchdown passes by Hasselbeck, and 150 yards rushing from Shaun Alexander go to waste. Thanks, Mom. You are now hereby permanently banned from watching any Seahawks games.


4 thoughts on “This is why I don’t watch games with the family

  1. mmxfan

    doesn’t this always happen

    Loog, i know that you are a uber-seahawks fan. But, this always happens. Everytime they go undefeated before a bye week, they lose the game after the bye week. It happened when Dennis Erickson was coaching, when Rich Meyer was QB, it happened when they actually won their first game in the playoffs. I looked it up. I still have a feeling that they will win the division after next week because they go into New England Patriots. In which that is a guaranteed loss.

  2. garath331

    Yeah, I know what it’s like. My dad and brothers seem to be able to find an oppertuinity for my team (Falcons, Tigers, Braves, Broncos, take your pick) to choke on any given game.


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