Good News/Bad News, Round 4

Time for another round of everyone’s favorite game of silver linings and dark clouds, Good News/Bad News!

Yep, I’ve got another one of these teaser for ya. Another morsel of Good News is below. Guess which one of the morsels of Bad News is true.

GOOD NEWS: After cashing my paycheck on Friday, I found out that I had over $3500 in my account – the threshold I’d set for when I should entertain the thought of quitting Toppers and focusing full-time on finding a TV/video job.

Later that day, I ended up having to spend $200 on new tires.
B) Later that day, I ended up paying $200 to refill my asthma prescription.
C) Later that day, I got a speeding ticket that’s gonna cost me $100.

Answer will be given on Monday.


6 thoughts on “Good News/Bad News, Round 4

  1. mmxfan

    my answer

    Guess all that poker is paying off for ya. You are about 3/10s of the way there from the WSOP. Anyways, I’m going to have to say C, because you were probably in a rush and got nabbed.

  2. quelkaima

    I know someone who plays DDR who has asthma, but I still think it’s a rarity. I’m actually gonna go with C just because hardly anyone has gone without a single traffic violation in life.

  3. loogaroo

    And the correct answer is…


    I went and got my oil change not long after crossing the $3500 mark, only to find that my rear tires were shot. So $200 down the drain.

    And yes, I know I got ripped off. But he was trying to sell 4 tires even though I’d just bought 2 tires less than 6 months ago, so at least I didn’t get totally reamed.

    For the record, my Advair prescription does indeed cost me $200 ($211, in fact). But I still have about 20 doses left on my current prescription and have a spare refill left, so I have about three months before I’ll need to refill that.


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