Arizona Cardinals – 25
Seattle Pretenders – 17

The fucking Cardinals.

They lost to the fucking Cardinals.

The fucking 1-4 Cardinals.

Can we fire Mike Holmgren yet?


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  1. mmxfan

    Yet another Tim Hellmuth Moment.

    Well at least you kept your word about calling them the Seattle Pretenders. Seattle is notorious for choking when they go something and 0 going into the bye week. they usually end up 8-8. Thus meaning another NFC West championship for the now coming back Rams. The bigger shocks than this though is Miami getting a win and the Chiefs Schooling of the Falcons.

  2. loogaroo

    Re: Yet another Tim Hellmuth Moment.

    The difference between this year and times in the past, though, is that before, the team would start 3-0 and everyone would be surprised. They’d be going, “Whoa, this Seattle team is coming out of nowhere!” Then they’d come back down to Earth and finish 8-8 or 7-9 as usual. This year, though, they were the trendy pick for the Super Bowl, so starting 3-0 was to be expected. After having lost the last three games – one in a massive choke-job fashion, another in a big match-up against the defending champs, and the third against the division doormat – this team will be lucky to reach the playoffs. They’re lucky enough that St. Louis got upset themselves against Miami, because there’s still a mirage of a chance that they could take the division. They’re going to have to finish better than 3-13 to do that, though.

    And just because I’m mad that my team is losing doesn’t put me on the same level of Hellmuth’s pouting. Let’s see your team gag away a 17-point lead with 5 1/2 to go in a game and lose to a cellar-dweller team and see how you feel.

  3. donaldduck5671

    Re: Yet another Tim Hellmuth Moment.

    >Thus meaning another NFC West championship for the now coming back Rams.<

    Can you imagine what Ewes fans are saying now?……

    Rams fans-WE LOST TO THE FUCKING WINLESS DOLPHINS????????????????????????????

    hope I made your day as much as Curt Schilling has for my,uhh, friend.

  4. Anonymous

    Tim I can understand your pain. Last year the F—ing Cardinals knocked the Vikings out of the playoffs in the worst possible way. Of course the Vikings did it to themselves starting out 6-0 and then choking as usual.

    Nick Johnson


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