I need a hug.

Right now, I just need everyone who considers me a friend to lend me their support. I had a really horrible day that I don’t want to elaborate on, so I just want to know who’s behind me.


10 thoughts on “I need a hug.

  1. Anonymous


    Rough day? Sorry.

    Spit in a pizza or two, you’ll feel better.

    Unless that’s the problem.

    I’m around if you want to talk, but as you can plainly see, I’m not too good at anonymous words of encouragement.

  2. tleberle

    I echo Master Dickson’s sentiments loud and clear. We may be voting for different people on Tuesday, but I’m still with you 100%. Whatever you need, man.

  3. hiphopnotik

    I know we hardly talk, but I am always here to help someone in need. I do consider you somewhat of an aquaintance, and thats enough for me to give an effort to make you feel better somehow.


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