Good News/Bad News: The Birthday edition

Time once again for everyone’s favorite game of silver linings and dark clouds, Good News/Bad News!

Yeah, this thing never gets old. (At least, I hope not.) You know the drill by now. We’ve had an awful lot of “pick the Bad News” in past rounds, so this time around, I’ll supply the bad news and you provide the correct good news.

This one’s a softball, I think.

BAD NEWS: Electric Ave. no longer has DDR 4th Mix Plus.


A) I got a new AAA on the Extreme machine.
B) The Extreme is now just two tokens instead of three.
C) We now have In The Groove.

(Note: If you’ve been to EA or read DDRFreak’s EA thread lately, you know the answer. Don’t spoil it for the rest of the players.)

Answer on Friday.


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