Now this is more like it

Seattle PreHawks – 42
San Francisco 49ers – 27

OK, so I’m starting to lift the “Pretenders” moniker. I haven’t done so completely yet, however; they still need to beat teams with more than two wins in order to start gaining respect around the league. But “PreHawks” sounds good, as if to say, “It’s PREmature to call these guys Super Bowl contenders until they start winning games that matter.”

NEXT WEEK: At St. Louis (4-4). Here we go again.

2 thoughts on “Now this is more like it

  1. loogaroo

    I think the Dolphins clinched that title a while ago. 😛

    And I wasn’t taking the 49ers lightly this time around – I had a feeling that they wouldn’t be too happy with us after we shut them out for the first time in umpteen years.


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