I’m not here to win. I’m just here to learn.

After taking about a month off from playing poker, I decided to give it another shot. This time, though, I’m less interested in winning than I was when I first started, now that I realize that I’m probably not going to be the next Chris Moneymaker. (I’ll be lucky if I become the next Anyone Recognizable.) Instead, I’m more interested in making the right decisions when it comes to betting, raising, folding, and the like. In my typical fatalistic fashion, I treat any money that I use to buy-in as money already lost; the real goal is to hang on to the money as long as I can while observing the way people bet.

So far, it’s worked; I went to Chumash today and left $50 up (which, going by the philosophy above, means I left with $150 more than I expected), and I made about $20 in fifteen minutes online, thanks to a couple of big hands.

I don’t expect this luck to persist too long, but for right now at least, I feel like the money is secondary to the lessons I’m learning about the game. (Who knows, maybe with some practice, I might work my way up to Brian Watkins’ level.)


One thought on “I’m not here to win. I’m just here to learn.

  1. mmxfan

    nice job Loog.

    Hey, you are doing alright, If you are wanting to be somewhat recognizable, might you try the Ultimate Poker Challenge. Right now it’s the #1 Poker Show. Although that’s not saying much, but you could win some nice money, a Trip to the Bahamas and some other nice prize. I would give it a shot, it’s a middle of the road buy-in at i believe $1,000. But i haven’t been to their site. I just recap the shows over at http://www.gameshownewsnet.com .

    and all that matters is that you at least finish even.


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