Proof positive that aromatherapy works

While on another excursion of Christmas shopping at the mall, I walked by a little kiosk with what looked like neck pillows and other things of that nature. Of course, the salesperson there noticed me and had me collared into a little demonstration. It turns out that they were aromatherapy belts and whatnot. Stick them in the microwave for a few seconds, and supposedly they provide an hour and a half of relief for everything from arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome to bipolar disorder and bad sense of humor. Every item he presented was prefaced with the same two words: “Smell this.” One of the things I was told to catch a whiff of was this pouch filled with peppermint and spearmint leaves. It’s supposed to help your allergies and asthma, and boy, that thing really cleared my sinuses.

Naturally, I wasn’t actually interested in buying anything, but it was hard to find a way to gracefully turn the man down and make my escape. That is, until I started getting nauseous. I don’t think the fact that I was taking in such pungent smells while on an empty stomach helped matters. I’m sure the guy probably noticed me going into a cold sweat and my face turning white as a sheet. With that, I headed to a nearby chair to wait out the episode. I bet the guy didn’t expect that sort of reaction to his wares, did he?

Oh yeah, and the Tin Men lost. What a surprise.


4 thoughts on “Proof positive that aromatherapy works

  1. mmxfan

    Sea-Tac man not shocked.

    I commend you for pulling something like that. However, the symptoms seem drug-induced. I had a neighbor who was getting off Crack and had some of the same symptoms.

    Now onto Das men of tin, They lose to the lowly bills. The 4-7 Buffalo Bills. Granted they had Drew Bledsoe, one of the best quarterbacks of our lifetime and Willis Mcgahee. I figured out that the Seahawks have no Run Defense. Pass Defense is ok, just they need to learn how to stop the run. and they were at home of all places.

    Also in related sports news, the Philidelphia Eagles (my #2 Team) clinched. Eagles-Steelers in the Super Bowl.


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