I’m just putting these scores on my LJ until NNR goes back up. I don’t want to forget these.

(Note that each score leaves off the Perfects. Just assume the rest of the steps got a yellow.)
Max300 = 99/14/4/19 +2 OK
Mikeneko Rock = 22Gr + 8 OK (1 NG)
Brilliant 2U = 9Gr + 2 Boo
Sakura = 36Gr + 1 Good
B4U B4 Za Beat Mix = 10Gr
Wild Rush = 12Gr + 1 Good (I don’t know if I already have this score up, but oh well).
Dead End = 22/0/1/1 (Which beats my old score by 1, I believe)
End of the Century = 27Gr
Get Up ‘N Move = 15Gr
Afronova Primeval = 18/0/1/2 (D’oh.)
Kakumei = 25Gr

Oh yeah, and one more:

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