More placeholders

I was supposed to go to AI for a shindig with a few people, but the guy who organized it never said that today was going to be the actual date. On top of that, the other guy I was supposed to meet there dropped out this morning. I still went – mainly because it’d been a while since I’d gotten my Pop’n Music fix – but it obviously wasn’t as enjoyable.

Oh well. At least I got THREE GREATS ON AFRONOVA. That’s right, THREE FREAKING GREATS ON FREAKING AFRONOVA. Don’t ask me how in the hell I managed to pull that off. Even AAA’d the end jumps. So today wasn’t a total loss. Other placeholders:

AfroPrime: Cleaned up the sour notes, 15 Gr
Kiss^3: 15 and a Miss
ParaTernal: 28
D2R: 44. I’m not sure this is an improvement, but it’s the first time I’ve AA’d it on an Extreme. Most. Offsync. Song. EVAR.
Bag: 48
Trip Climax: 26
White Lovers: Black Flag (oh, the irony)

C’mon, NNR, go back up please.


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