Loogs’ Top Ten Coolest Things About 2004

With the year drawing to a close, it’s time to mention the 10 things that made this year worthwhile. In no particular order (except for in the order they come to mind):

1. EAT 3 – The Third Course
OK, so there was controversy surrounding the final match. OK, so there was some major trouble with pre-registrations and postponements. It was still a fun and hectic time, and it’s the only chance I had to see most of the So-Cal scene this year.

2. Leaving Vons
Thank you John Hill, the most bellicose and anti-personnel assmonkey I’ve ever had the displeasure of working for. You told me in July of ’02 that the only thing I should expect for all my hard work and service is a paycheck. I kept that in mind when Toppers offered me a bigger paycheck and tips to boot.

3. Bush gets re-elected
Despite Abu Ghraib, Richard Clarke, Michael Moore, Dan Rather, Kitty Kelley, George Soros, Harold Ickes, Bob Shrum, Osama bin Laden, Teresa Heinz, Ted Kennedy, Dennis Kucinich, and plenty other leftists who viewed the president as the hellspawn of Lucifer, Adolf Hitler and Beavis & Butthead, Bush won the 2004 election – with a majority vote. Imagine that.

4. The good poker sessions
Consoldiated into one item, since there weren’t many. On the night before day 2 of EAT, I miraculously won $200 at a PartyPoker 2/4 table. (Which I later flushed down the toilet on $100 buy-in tournaments I had no business entering.) I also had profits of $11, $31, $100 and $153 on various trips to Chumash.

5. The triple-AAA
Door of Magic, Spin the Disc and Freckles, all AAA’d within hours of each other during a LAN Party in January. If only they came that easy since then…

6. DMN’s Ventura jaunt
Jon came to town in the summer to take part in pool, Tecmo Super Bowl, Toppers Pizza, Mini-Golf, EA, LAN Party, and Baseball Simulator, to name a few things.

7. My trip to Loma Linda
I got to send Jon off to Seattle with some Wheel of Fortune, Duck Hunt, a reprise of my Be in my Paradise routine, and the birth of video game Around the Horn.

8. Signs to the Stiffs
The eight houses/apartments in town most dubious for their cheapness woke up one morning to see their ingratefulness advertised on their front yard. Five of them quit ordering from us, two started tipping. 7 out of 8 ain’t bad.

9. Bye-Bye Ken
Ken Jennings will go down in history as one of the most lucrative and persistent game show contestants of all time. I got to see him lose in person.

10. Game Show Convention 3
Not only did I meet and shake hands with personalities I’d never dreamed of being within a football field of – Betty White, Tom Kennedy, Dick Clark, Bob Boden, Jack Narz, and yes, Bob Barker – I got to meet countless other game show fans who were just as obsessed, and had my first taste of what it’s like to pitch a show in front of a bunch of men in suits.

Here’s hoping that 2005 is just as exciting – in a good way – as it was in 2004.


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