Just sit down and have fun, damn it!

After thinking about it for a little while, I’ve come up with this year’s resolution. It’s nothing as mundane as finding a job or maintaining some physical threshold, but rather a philosophy.

My resolution for 2005 is: Enjoy life no matter what.

Looking back on the previous year, it’s obvious that I got awfully bent out of shape over a number of things that, overall, aren’t worth a whole lot. So what if I don’t AAA that song. So what if somebody outdraws me at a 50¢/$1 PartyPoker table. So what if some dolt decides to stiff me for a $50 order. If I allow things like this to drag me down, then I don’t want to know how I’m going to react when something truly catastrophic happens. If there’s a setback in my life, no matter how big it appears or how accursed I feel, I need to remember that my life is only going to be as enjoyable as I allow it to be.

So, in short, my resolution is to take that celebratory remark’s advice, and truly have a Happy New Year.

BTW: Yesterday’s trip to The Price is Right has to have been on of the best trips I’ve taken, despite the rain that started the day. Jimmy & I ended up #11 and #12 in line for the late taping, giving us the two seats in the second row, right along the aisle running stage right. No, neither of us got called, but the young lady who was sitting right next to Jimmy did, and we still got all sorts of face time regardless. The episode airs on Feb. 4th; mark your calendars and set your TiVos.


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