Today is my first 11-8 shift in about 3 weeks.

It also happens to be the day before QSPC checks, AKA Clean Every Freaking Crevice In The Entire Building Week. How convenient.

Today is gonna be one of those days.

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  1. rbmkalpha

    Ick. I worked last summer doing third-shift cleaning at an assisted living home. Definately not fun (espicially when some workers cleaned more then others on their nights, but it could have been worse.)

    11 AM or 11 PM?

  2. rbmkalpha

    On the news in Erie there are is this “Behind the Kitchen Door” section of the news where they go over the health code violations. I’ve seen/heard of some pretty bad stuff on those “hidden camera” shows too.

    The only notable health citation at the nursing home was, now get this: excess frost buildup in the freezer. (It was the lowest level of citation they could give, this one guy who came there before I was told was dead-set on finding at least one thing wrong.)


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