More vids!

Ganon playing Kakumei, as the last stage of Second Demon Road Oni. Can he go all the way?

Kajet playing a very insane edit of V (for Extreme). Can he overcome the fact that he ate Taco Bell and the restroom is out of order?

Myself trying Charlene for the first time. They say it’s the easiest 11 in ITG, and after passing it with almost 80%, I dare say they’re right.

(Note: I don’t have much space left on my website, so I’ll be deleting old videos as I post new ones. I’ll leave my VerTex attempt on for progress reasons, though, and if any of you want to see the videos that were removed, you know how to reach me.)

Lotsa good stuff happening on top of the passing of Charlene. Managed to set two new record scores on the machine – Changes Hard (98.03% – my first Double Star!) and Euphoria Hard (96.4something – only 3 greats!). I also got a damn good score on Flying High – 93.31% – which makes me a lot more comfortable with that song should it be chosen as the qualifier to RGC Alpha two weeks from now. (And all of a sudden, I feel less inclined to play Driving Force Classical. Just as well – I despise that song to begin with.)


3 thoughts on “More vids!

  1. djtyrant

    I definetly will be there on Friday…I wanna get PSM Oni and LOM on video…and maybe something else, who knows.

    BTW, what was your score on Charlene, couldn’t see from the video :(.



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