To EAT or not to EAT – that is the question

I think the one question that was asked to me more than any other during Saturday’s tournament was, “So, when’s EAT4 gonna be?”

Last year’s tournament really took a lot out of me. Between the whole postponement/non-postponement debacle, the fiasco surrounding the PA finals, Skid’s reaction to the DMX event (needless to say, that’s probably the last DMX competition you’ll see at EA), and all of the other minor issues that sprung up (like me spending $100 on pizzas and having them all look like they were delivered through the mail slot), I was on the fence as to whether or not I wanted to go through the whole thing again. Obviously, participants are less concerned about the behind-the-scenes stuff as the organizer is, but the whole prospect of putting the whole event together is exhausting and quite stress-inducing.

On the plus side, In the Groove has really caught on in SoCal. RGC Alpha brought in 42 players, a couple of them from out of state. All the matches were really competitive and fun to watch. (The running percentage counter at the top of the screens is a major help in this regard.) And obviously, if people are coming to me about EAT4, obviously the EAT series has developed a bit of a following.

It appears as if I’m going to be talked into holding EAT4 after all. Of course, this is all dependent on whether or not Electric Ave. is sold on the concept. But as long as I don’t make them commit to a prize budget like last year, they should be OK with it. Now I just need to figure out a format that A) accomodates a large field, since I get the sense that the field of 32 players will become the norm; and B) doesn’t take nine hours to complete. This was the one major drawback to RGC Alpha, although the re-qualifying issue may have had something to do with it.


6 thoughts on “To EAT or not to EAT – that is the question

  1. usasatsui


    You heard of Swiss style?

    Here’s how it normally works: The field is split into pairs randomly. Each pair competes, the winner scores a win, the loser gets a loss. Once everyone’s done, pair them up again. The 1-0 people should go against other 1-0 people, and the 0-1 people should face 0-1 people. Continue for as long as you care, always matching like records. This works best if you have at least 3 rounds, but it can go for as long as you have time. This makes sure the best compete against the best, but that’s probably not relevant in DDR or ITG.

    At the end, you have 2 options: The person with the best record wins (head-to-head breaks ties). Or, the best 4 or 8 records play off in a tournament at the end.

    Assuming one machine and a field of 32, a complete round of one song matches should take about 48 minutes (that’s 3 minutes a pairing). Add in little delays and such, and each round should take an hour to deal with. A second machine cuts that time in half, of course, or you could do 2-song sets in the same time. Say you want to get the tourney done in 6 hours. Do 5 rounds of swiss, then finish the last hour with a tourney for first place. The Swiss rounds could be a sort of qualifier.

    I -would- help with the admin, but you know, 8 hour drive and such, and I have that work thing, and that wife thing, and the cats would miss me. Seriously, if I have enough notice, I may be able to find a way, though there’s no way I’m playing.

  2. hustler_one


    If you DO in fact have another tournament and I can come to it (which I’ll try my damnest to) I’m willing to help weith anything just IM me if you have any questions and such.

  3. Anonymous

    I call pre-reg number one. I can’t even play 9 foot songs yet, but I’ll register anyway. Who needs to qualify? I’ll do it just to cement that I’m back into arrow smash.



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