Here’s a hint: it’s not explosive.

What do you think I could be making using the following items:

– a 36″x36″ wooden board
– 3 1/4″x48″ dowel rods
– a bunch of plastic poker chips

(Note: If I already told you, you can’t guess.)

Some more good scores on ITG tonight: 98.83% on Delirium Hard (finally taking the #1 score there), passed the Energy course (87.~~%), and came fairly close to passing Delirium Expert. Not bad for having had about six hours of sleep (which is about three too few for me). Not gonna trouble you with pictures this time though; I figure I’ll give that a rest for tonight.


7 thoughts on “Here’s a hint: it’s not explosive.

  1. usasatsui

    An explosive!

    No…wait…that’s not it.

    Hmmm…except for the fact that the dimensions of that board are roughly those of a large pizza…I don’t have a clue.

  2. rbmkalpha

    Wow, this really beats the hell out of me. I instantly thought DDR-pad base when I saw the 36″ by 36″ board, but the other stuff, it wouldn’t make sense (and you probably have a CF, right?)

    I’m guessing some kind of artistic thing to hang on your wall, like painting the board and the dowels, and attaching the chips to the end of the dowels at various heights and then attaching those to the board in a close grid pattern. (Alpha shrugs.)

  3. buckykatt565

    I’ll be grabbing Jimmy tonight, I’m kiddnapping him to A.I. Think you can meet us at EA if we decide to go?
    Call my cell or Jimmy’s.
    Mine’s 480-329-3493. 😛
    Later Loog!


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