Two new boards, made of completely different material

First of all, I’ve got new messageboards. Check them out.

Second of all, my second attempt at creating a homemade Plinko Board needs only a few cosmetic additions before it is totally complete. As it stands now, it plays quite well.
Some pictures of the board:

A full-scale shot of the board

You can see the pegs better from this angle

Things I have left to do:

1) Place dividers along the bottom to separate the dollar amounts
2) Add a receptacle to the bottom to catch the chips
3) Prime & paint the entire board white
4) Add acetate overlays to the top and bottom with the Plinko name/dollar amounts

The changes I made to the dimensions and the peg width worked quite well, and I even added triangles to the side to act as kickers instead of using extra pegs. Hopefully it’ll look good enough to bring with me to Ben Ziek’s next Game Night on Saturday.


5 thoughts on “Two new boards, made of completely different material

  1. donaldduck5671

    New message board problem

    I can’t get into the new message board, because I never got the confirmation e-mail.

    The Original Donald
    Coming May 6th-Poker Royale, Celebrities versus the Pros


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