This isn’t going to work.

It’s been two weeks since my self-imposed exile from real-money online poker. I’ve tried to go back to the play money tables, but it’s just about impossible to play in that manner anymore. It’s not that I wouldn’t be able to enjoy the game without putting real money on the line; it’s just that play money tables are now populated almost exclusively with kamikazes. They’ll bet, raise, and go all-in with literally anything, because there’s no tangible risk involved. When I first joined up on PP and went on the play money tables back then, there was at least some semblance of a desire to play the game as it would be played with real money on the line. You could actually employ the same sorts of strategies on those tables as you might on real money tables. But now, every limit table has players that will cap the betting on every round, simply because they can do it without really wagering anything. The no-limit tables are even worse; there’s always at least one person who’ll go all-in pre-flop with any two cards.

For someone such as myself, who plays mainly in the Sit & Go tournaments, it’s even worse. 19 times out of 20, the table that’s listed as “waiting for 10 players” in the lobby window is already halfway through the first hand by the time you can get the window opened. And if you do manage to find a seat at a S&G, the damn thing is already down to four players by the end of Level 1. I pretty much gave up on play money S&Gs a short while ago, when someone who went all-in on every single hand spiked a King with his KT against my pocket fours. Even if I were to win the tournament, what fun is it to sit out ten hands then win a few coin flips?

I think sometime this week I’m going to make a new deposit and start up again with the real money tables. At least real money players fold their hands once in a while.


4 thoughts on “This isn’t going to work.

  1. smartguy323

    I know how u feel. When I first joined yeah I raised and betted all in cuz there was no reason to worry. But then I started to play as If I had real money so I would start to fold every now and then.

  2. Anonymous

    I also feel your pain, Loog…. I’ve seen people try an all-in on 7-2 all the time. Even on $3 tourneys. It gets ANNOYING!


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