Fuck everything. Part 2.

Where do I start?

1. I went back and deposited $50 back into PartyPoker last night. It all disappeared in less than 12 hours, as I failed to place in five consecutive S&Gs. On four occasions, they wait until I’m all-in to give the other player an unbeatable hand. No such thing as a cash-out jinx, huh?

2. I get absofuckinglutely clowned at TWG. I had an alliance all set up, a perfect strategy put in place, and I basically end up losing the game all by myself. The guy who invented the game in the first place gets completely humiliated.

3. Someone from EA has decided he wants to run his own tournament a month after EAT4. The format is almost exactly like EAT4. I’ll leave all of you to guess whether or not he actually asked me if he could copy everything. (Here’s a hint: No, he didn’t.)

So yeah, anyone else want to kick me in the balls or drop an anvil on my car or something while we’re at it?


5 thoughts on “Fuck everything. Part 2.

  1. tleberle

    Regarding Poker: Why I don’t play online, there’s no safeguard to make sure the game is on the up and up. And you can’t see the other people playing. And many other things. Un-fun.

    Regarding TWG: For one, I think TWG has been a proprietary game long before either of us were born. And this is a reason I don’t play. There’s no GAME to it, it’s all rampant speculation and such. Bleck

    Regarding EAT: I would imagine he will find out just how hard it is to run a tournament, and everyone will ask you to do it again. If not, all the better for you, you can play instead.

    In any event, I’ve not exactly been having a great week myself, I feel for ye/


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