Pay dirt, perhaps?

It’s official. I have now participated in my very first TV taping.

Yesterday I drove up to Santa Monica to aid in the production of an original game that friends Ben Ziek and riversidedimple had been working on, entitled “Dumb Luck”. The whole experience was extremely enjoyable, and it was just great to again be in a television studio for the first time in over two years (not counting those instances when I was sitting in the audience for the entire time). I ran cue cards for Ben as he hosted, and the whole thing went off quite smoothly, despite the need to stop tape a couple of times due to some minor problems with microphones and whatnot. The game itself was quite interesting, and it’s really inspired to me look into perhaps getting one of my own proposals on tape, just so I’d have something tangible to show people about how that show is supposed to work.

Moreover, when the taping was over, I talked with the studio operator who had served as our director for the day and asked her if there were any openings for studio work. She gave me the business card of the woman to call about the matter, and she didn’t seem the least bit fazed when I mentioned my degree – which has practically frozen me out of any other intern work ever since I graduated. It’s an unpaid internship as far as I know, but it sounds like I’ll only need to do it once or twice a week, so I’d still be able to work in the meantime. (If worse comes to worst, I do have over $6000 saved up now, so I can afford to coast for a few months if need be.)

When that was done, we all (consisting of Ben, Jason, myself, fellow crew member gameshowman, Scott and Matt) headed on over to Ben’s apartment for our bi-monthly game/poker night. First, we watched as Indiana gave the Pistons the spanking they deserved (even if Detroit regained the lead momentarily), then watched the night’s Jeopardy episode. Monday’s game with Jerome Vered, Dan Melia and Michael Daunt is going to totally rock; I can’t wait to see how it goes down between the three of them.

After that we began our own game-playing. Joe was first up with a game of The Price is Right. I won my way up on stage in the first game and picked up a Chrysler Crossfire, thanks to my successful playing of 3 Strikes. I even ended up the biggest winner of the game even though I didn’t make it to the Showcase Round. I brought my Plinko board with me for use during the game and everyone was impressed with it, despite the fact that when the time came for Jason to actually play Plinko, he wound up having only two chips and scored a measly $600.

Next up, I took the podium hosting the new and significantly improved Buried Treasure. I was worried when Jason said he hadn’t downloaded V2.0 to his laptop, but it turns out that he actually did have it after all. BT went over extremely well this time – everyone held their breath with each reveal, hoping to see the treasure chest hidden on the board. In the second game of the night, Ben held a dominant 95-25 lead over Matt going into the Catch-Up round. Matt ended up having to search a 6×6 grid to catch up… and he found the chest on his first try. However, Ben managed to reclaim the lead and seal the win on his next turn, and won the bonus round quite handily in the process.

The night ended with our normal poker tournament. This time, we actually played for money, as each of us pitched in $5 for a winner-take-all tournament. I claimed the first casualty of the night as my signature T7 took Ben down after flopping a straight. Unfortunately, I got way too impatient soon after that, going all-in with a K9 and a 5-K-5 board against Joe, who had raised to $15 pre-flop (blinds were $1/$2 at the time). I knew he had to have had a King, seeing as he probably wouldn’t have raised pre-flop with a 5 in his hand, but I stupidly discounted the possibility he had a King with a high kicker – which was exactly what he had (KQ). Needing a 9 to win or an Ace or 5 to split the pot, the turn and the river failed to help me and I went out. Moreover, my elimination gave him an overwhelming chip lead, and it wasn’t long before Ben went down and Jason went out, giving Joe the win.

By then, it was already 12:30 in the morning, so we scratched any tape watching for another time and headed home. I got back at around a quarter to 2, and hit the sack immediately.

We need to do this more often. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Pay dirt, perhaps?

  1. rbmkalpha

    Sounds cool re: the TV show, was this some kind of public access thing? I’m not quite sure what you were talking about there. Good luck nethertheless.

  2. loogaroo

    Yeah, it was the local cable company’s public access studio. BTW, if you’re going to be in the Santa Monica area on June 5th, you can see it at 8:00 PM. Don’t know what channel it is, though. (Probably 6 if it’s the same channel as mine.)


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