Holy freaking crap.

Tonight was quite possibly the best night of DDR/ITG I’ve ever had.

FOUR new Hard FECs. That’s right, four. Quatro. Remember December, Mellow, Xuxa, and Anubis. In the case of the fourth, getting the FEC was a complete and total fluke: I wanted to play Delerium Expert on my last song, so I played Anubis to warm up for it. I didn’t expect that I’d get a FEC on it at all.

And while I didn’t pass Delerium, I did pass another new 12: Euphoria. That’s right, kids: the song that’s widely considered the hardest 12 in the game to pass… and I took it down on my first try.

What a night.


3 thoughts on “Holy freaking crap.

  1. smartguy323

    Wow congrats on the Euphoria. It took me bout 5 tries to pass it. I got a 72.xx the 1st time passing. My highest is 77.22 for the moment. See I told ya Euphoria is a simple 12.

    Try hardcore of the north.


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