Today was an all-around really cool day. Where do we start off?

Well, first, after watching the NBA Playoffs (which appear to be heading towards a most unsatisfying climax), I began to get a hankering to shoot some hoops myself. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find my old basketball (and something tells me we wouldn’t have the pump to re-inflate it anyway), so it was off to the sporting goods store to buy a new one. Afterwards I began to search for an open court to play on. To my dismay, the outdoor courts at the college were farming weeds, so I walked on over to Camino Real Park instead. It was the first time I’d shot a basketball since we took out the hoop in my front yard – a good seven years ago – and dear lord, it showed. I think it took me five tries to make my first lay-up. Even worse, I think I airballed at least 10% of the shots I put up, and another 10% or so hit the rim in such a way that it went in the complete opposite direction. Needless to say, I was spending a lot of time chasing the ball down from missed shots. Still it was a lot of fun, and I’ll probably do it again soon. (Need to get my money’s worth from that ball, ya know.)

After that, I went home, had lunch, and managed to win a $20 S&G at Party. Looks like the cash-out jinx is over – it was my second win in a row (my first was a $5+1 that I used with my last $6 on my most recent deposit; I’ll bet someone realized if I lost that, I probably wasn’t going to be giving them any money for a long time). The table seemed really gunshy for most of the tournament – we still had 9 players left by level 4 (when the blinds were 50/100), and nobody seemed willing to call the all-in pre-flop bets of the short stacks, even though their raise only amounted to 4 or 5 BB. But eventually the blinds caught up to a number of players and they started dropping in quick succession. I caught a few lucky breaks as well – for example, I was down to 770 chips (blinds were 150/300 at this point), and went all-in with Q6. I was called with an A8, but found a 6 on the flop to hang on. On the next hand, I had KQ, moved all-in once more against AQ, and caught a nut straight (T-9-2 flop, J on the turn, another J on the river), putting me right back in contention. Two hands later, I called someone’s all-in bet with a K9. The other player showed K5, giving him only three outs to survive. Naturally, the 5 popped up on the flop, leaving me with the three-outer – but lo and behold, I spiked the 9 on the river to send him packing and put me heads-up against the other player.

The last hand of the tournament was unreal. I was dealt J2s and called the big blind. Flop was A-7-6 with one spade. We both check. Turn was the 6 of spades (giving me a flush draw). We both check again. At this point I know he doesn’t have a pair or he would’ve bet something by now to protect against the flush draw. The river was the two of clubs, giving me a lowly pair of ducks. But as it turns out, those ducks were golden geese: knowing he didn’t have a pair, I bet the pot, he raised all-in, and I called. Sure enough, he had K8 and missed the board completely. It’s not every day that you can say you won a tournament with a pair of twos.

While we’re on the topic of poker, I found two great sites on the subject: is a hysterical parody of seminal poker uber-brat Phil Hellmuth, with a little bit of Mike the Mouth thrown in for good measure. Chapters 2 and 3 of his “Secret System” videos are utterly hilarious. Also, I’ve discovered the LiveJournal of poker pro Paul Phillips. He’s a really smart and funny guy on his LJ, and even better – he’s a libertarian! (I was disappointed when I found out when Daniel Negreanu, one of my favorite players, thought Micheal Moore’s Dude, Where’s My Country? was such a fantastic book. Then again, he’s originally from Canada, so I guess I should’ve seen it coming.)

Lastly, I had a very good overall night at EA, where I managed to improve scores on a number of fronts:

– I actually managed to pass Pandemonium Hard with a score of over 75% – an over 15-point improvement on my last score. Weird thing is, I wasn’t really that wiped out when I was done.
– I bumped my Charlene Expert score to 92.71%, my best score for any song rated more than 11.
– I managed to finally FEC Tell Hard with a score of 98.19%. That thing was a dog.
– Don’t tell me how I managed this, but I actually got a B on Legend of Max over on the DDR machine. I somehow comboed the entire first part of the song, right up until the jumpy part. I also almost FC’d So Deep (missed the final jump, natch) and got 26 Greats/1 Miss on the song. Wow.
– Speaking of not being tired, I pulled off a feat I never thought I’d ever accomplish, even with easier combinations available: I played my first 40-foot game. Max300, MaxX Unlimited, Legend of Max, and Sakura, all back-to-back, all passed. I even got Extra Stage with my Sakura score and went for 50 with ParaSurv, but I wasn’t able to make it all the way through.

OK, time to sleep. We’ll see if this good fortune continues tomorrow.


6 thoughts on “JOPKE JOPKE JOPKE

  1. jiggery_pokery

    Hadn’t seen the Fillmaff videos before – thanks for pointing them my way.

    I played my first 40-foot game. Max300, MaxX Unlimited, Legend of Max, and Sakura, all back-to-back, all passed.

    Ridiculously impressive!

  2. hustler_one

    Nice job on the stepping games.

    You shoulda played Paranoia Survivor, MaxX Unlimited, Legend of Max, Sakura AA it and play Max300 and beat that since its easier than Paranoia Survivor next time you go to EA try it that way.

  3. loogaroo

    Re: Nice job on the stepping games.

    I’ve never been able to muster fewer than 12 misses on Max300, so I don’t think I wouldn’t gotten through it on Extra Stage.


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