An interesting observation

I don’t expect this trend to continue, but I thought I’d point this out:

There’s something amusingly satisfying about winning more money playing poker for the sum total of an hour and a half on my two off days than I’ll probably make in tips on the other five.


6 thoughts on “An interesting observation

  1. m1_prominence

    Tim let’s go to a tournament together sometime, some poker tour tournament.

    And yes, I just won $200 in a tournament which is more then I would have made this week. With three players left, I had ~2000, big stack had around ~5500 and small stack had just ~150; blinds at 100/200. I slowplayed KK hold cards, and the flop was 7 J K. He checked, and I quickly checked. Turn came 8, both quickly checked. Next card came 7. He checked, I waited a few seconds, and went All-In. He assumed, and normally rightly so, that I was trying to steal the pot. He had an 8 so that was 8 8 7 7, not a bad hand at all. He called, and of course I won with the ‘ol Bob Sagat.

    Although you can’t find too much fault with his play, he should have realized that with money for second place, I wouldn’t have risked a steal with the third guy so close to out. After that I was up too much and won rather fast.

  2. buckykatt565

    I’m going to say this here:
    Thank you, I just read through your entry. I’m going to think on what you said. And hopefully, it will make sense to me.


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