Just because I’m that damn cool.

What I thought was going to be one of those days on ITG where nothing was going to be accomplished, I actually managed a couple of accomplishments.

First off was my 99.05% on Delerium Hard, my fourth 3-star score:

Also, I managed to finally FEC Kagami Hard after about seven instances of a Green Flag. Unfortunately, the machine picked my game to crash on (our ITG machine locks up every now and then while saving our game data to our USB drives), which basically prevented my score from getting saved. I thought I’d saved a screenshot, but I can’t seem to find it now. Oh well – nnnnnnnooooooo was there, so he can vouch for me in case you don’t believe me.

Meanwhile, I’ve managed to complete item #2 on my list of “three things I need to do on DDR before I’m truly satisfied”: I got an A on Max300. Not only an A, but a fairly solid one as well – on the video, I had only four misses – 8 fewer than my previous low. As a special bonus, here’s me getting a B on Legend of Max. You’ll remember about a year and a half ago I posted a similar video of me just barely making it through the song. Now, on a good day, I can combo the first 1/3 of the steps.

BTW, #3 on said list of accomplishments is to get 25 AAAs. Yeah, like that’s ever gonna happen.


6 thoughts on “Just because I’m that damn cool.

  1. jiggery_pokery

    Mmm – if you can get letters like that on Max songs, the last three AAAs are surely just a matter of time – and, maybe, I dunno, I guess 5 – 30 AAs per song along the way.

    Keep posting the videos, please!

  2. loogaroo

    Unfortunately, the brute mobility needed to excel at the Maxes and the precision timing required to get a AAA aren’t very analogous. But I’ll give it a try nonetheless.

    I was actually going to go to EA tonight and start on the new campaign, but the arrival of a certain couple of DVDs I ordered took precedence. Good grief.


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