Should I or shouldn’t I?

As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve managed to do two of the three things on DDR that I feel I need to do before I can walk away from the DDR pad fully satisfied of what I’ve done. First was to pass PSM Oni – check. Second was to get an A on a “genuine” 10-footer – check. Third, and finally, was to accumulate a total of 25 AAAs, a goal of which I’m three AAAs short.

Obviously, I haven’t played DDR nearly as much as I used to, so it might take me a while to re-familiarize myself with any song I attempt to AAA, and certainly ITG’s new timing windows have probably done more harm for my sense of rhythm than good (seeing as the window for an Excellent in ITG is more lax than that of a Perfect in DDR). And of course, my mounting frustration about coming up short on my AAA attempts was one of the reasons I was in the doldrums late in the year and gave up the game in the first place. Still, though, it would be nice to be able to say that I did everything I set out to do in the game and be able to play it without any further regard for progress.

And so, I ask my readers:


7 thoughts on “Should I or shouldn’t I?

  1. addricted

    Honestly, I’d say don’t worry about it. Goals that are fresh and up to date are much more fulfilling than yesterday’s news. As much as I hate to say it, accomplishments on DDR have a lot less weight than they used to. I say set goals on ITG and complete them, because after you complete them you will have somewhere to go. When you hit 25 AAA’s on DDR, it’s back to ITG, so may as well go for starring all hard charts or something on ITG that you can build off of.

  2. loogaroo

    I’m doing that too – I got Hard FECs #16, 17 and 18 tonight on top of the AAA.

    I know that DDR scores are by-and-large obsolete now that ITG has hit the scene, but this isn’t really about trying to impress anyone else or move up in the rankings or anything. It’s more of a matter of settling a score with a game that I left on fairly bad terms some time ago. And if I don’t make it 25, then it was never meant to be, and I can move on without thinking that I had any more DDR accomplishments left in me.

  3. addricted

    I don’t think you’ll have any problems doing it, it’s just it seems that you are setting yourself back by readjusting to DDR to get the AAAs and then having to adjust back to ITG. ITG and DDR are practically the same game, accomplishments are pretty exchangable. At least that’s what I think 🙂


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