Back from the Mountain of Magic

I’m back from my trip to Magic Mountain with djtyrant today. We got there at about 10:30 and stayed the whole day until they closed at 10:00 PM. Surprisingly, we managed to get on nearly all of the big coasters in the park, actually going on a couple of them twice thatnks to the purchase of some “FastLane” pass that got us through the lines more quickly. Seeing as this was my first trip in at least five years, there were a number of coasters I hadn’t gone on before, and even the ones I had I didn’t remember very well. Here’s basically how the itinerary went.

NINJA: There was practically no line for this one when we got there, and it was a nice way to start the day off. Not terribly thrilling, but it had some cool parts to it. 6/10

RIDDLER’S REVENGE: The wait was about 45 minutes, which wasn’t too bad considering. It was a lot more fun than I remembered it – I love coasters that turn you upside down. 8/10

COLLOSSUS: Another ride with a surprisingly short line (although it quickly grew shortly after we got there). We sat in back, and it was a little too fast for me. I’m not fond of coasters that start with one big plunge like that. 6.5/10

SCREAM: This was an enjoyable one. It has a zero-gravity roll that totally takes you by surprise and is really fun. The layout and design of the course overall is one of the better coasters in the park. Certainly one of my new favorites. (I also managed to do my “AAA pose” for the camera in the middle of the ride and got the picture for it. I’ll have it up soon, I hope.) 8.5/10

VIPER: An old favorite. Nothing like three loops to start and a corkscrew at the end to really satiate the topsy-turvy fetish. 8/10

X: OH MY FREAKING GOD THIS IS THE MOST INSANE ROLLER COASTER EVER CREATED. Tyrant mentioned how it was hard for him to put into words the way the coaster was designed, so I’ll try to do it for him. Imagine you’re sitting in a chair that tilts backwards or forwards at whim while screaming down a track backwards so you have no idea what’s coming next and experiencing several instances of your face being parallel to the ground and dropping rapidly. I was generally quite composed with the other coasters, but this one had me screaming “OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD” throughout the entire ride, to the point that my throat is still recovering. Easily my favorite coaster in the park, but I’m not sure I ever want to do that again. Pi^Avogadro’s Number/10

BATMAN THE RIDE: Wasn’t nearly as fun as I remembered it to be. I think Riddler and Scream kinda upstaged this one a bit. Certainly didn’t help that somebody cut a big slice of cheese in the final staircase leading up to the station. 4/10

GOLIATH: Dear Lord, I thought I was gonna die on that first drop. The G-forces there are just amazing. The rest of the ride was enjoyable enough, but considering that this was our longest wait at well over an hour, I don’t know if it was worth it. Certanly blows Collossus out of the water in the mega-plunge category. 7.5/10

Rides we didn’t go on: Revolution (lines were too long to start and it becomes kinda dwarfed after rides like Scream and Viper), Deja Vu (line was 2 hours long), Superman (45-minute wait for a 12-second ride. No thank you.) Overall, though, I’m quite happy with the number of rides we managed to get on, especially for what’s probably the park’s first truly busy Saturday.

While we were there, we did play a little bit of DDR. We happened upon a DDR USA machine in the Rapids Camp Crossing arcade, and the quality was what you’d expect from a DDR USA machine – non-existent. I swear, the up arrow on the 2P would misfire every other step. Later on, we found a DDR Extreme in the Collossus County Fair arcade, and it was there that I had quite possibly my best playing of Max300 ever. Not only did I almost score 90 million points on the song, I managed to AAA the first big scramble of the song (you know, the one that starts RURURURUDLDLDLDL). I distinctly remember shouting “Holy s###!” when I came out of that part with all perfects. Who knows, I might be able to AA that song if I keep this up. …Naaaaaaah.

OK, I’m really getting drowsy right now, so I’m gonna hit the hay. I just wanted to let you know that we both had a great time. I took some pictures which I’ll post tomorrow. I’ll just leave you with this: X IS FREAKING INSANE.

7 thoughts on “Back from the Mountain of Magic

  1. gameshowman

    Magic Mountain: This is one place I still have yet to go in all the years I’ve lived here in SoCal, and nasty heat or otherwise, it’s still somewhere I’d LIKE to go. When I was a little boy, it was impossible to get me to go on a ride that went upside down, but an annual pass to Knotts Berry Farm some years ago helped me get over it. I’ve been jonesin’ to visit MM even more ever since.

  2. rbmkalpha

    Wow, sounds like fun. I’m kinda surprised at the number of coasters you mentioned in one park.

    Cedar Point still owns every other park on the planet. ^____________^

  3. fortheonesilove

    At our school trip to magic mountain I was coerced into going on X…

    My asshole of a teacher got video footage of me getting of that thing staggering and practically falling over in shock, and it was the most hilarious joke for like a week in the AV Room.

    Strangely enough though, I can’t stop thinking how much I need to ride that thing again.

  4. nemmy97

    I disagree. Batman’s a 9/10, Goliath’s a 2/10 (dude, it felt like I was sitting down on an escalator that went really fast), and Viper’s a 0/10. Extreme neck and shoulder banging. Revolution would get an 8/10, Screan 7/10, X 8/10, Deja Vu 4/10, Superman 3/10, Ninja 5/10, Colossus 7/10, Psyclone 6/10, Riddler 8/10. Nothing at Magic Mountain is worth a 10. 10s are reserved for things like Incredible Hulk, Millennium Force, Apollo’s Chariot, Sheikra, etc.

  5. nemmy97

    It has the sign of quality – Vekoma!

    I’d rather spent a bunch of money on airline tickets (to go to Cedar Point) than go to SFMM again. And I’m doing that in August – maXair, here I come!


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