#24: Look to the Sky (True Color Mix).

Again, no camera, but it’s on my card. Rest assured, video cameras will be present on my next visit.

Also got two new FECs on ITG (along with a pad miss on what would’ve been a third), but again, that’s secondary.

There is bad news, however. It appears that the chances of EA moving ITG out of the sound range of the IIDX have diminished greatly. That’s because the area that I would imagine to be the best place for it (on the opposite wall, right of the SF3S machine) has now been occupied by two Neo Geo sit-down cabinets. Those have been moved from the other room (they used to be in the back, next to DDR.) What’s in their place, you ask?


Empty, mind you, but rest assured that they’ll be filled up probably within the next week or two. Now, the whole premise of having vending machines in a business where a convenience store is right next door is beyond my reasoning, but now that really eats up a lot of space that probably could’ve been better served to solve the problem of cross-noise between the ITG and IIDX machines. Well, I guess we’re going to continue playing Sakura on ITG and VerTex on IIDX for a while.


5 thoughts on “ONE MORE.

  1. djtifabal

    Nah, I doubt it. I don’t play DDR as much anymore. I play more ITG.

    (It’s still the . I just changed my LJ name a few weeks ago and deleted that one yesterday).


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