#25: Scream (Well, not really)


12 thoughts on “#25: Scream (Well, not really)

  1. rbmkalpha

    Nah, I want to go BASE jumping. Now that’s simulating (well, more like cheating) death.

    I do love rollercoasters, though. Prefrence for metal, I’ve been on wooden ones like the “Mean Streak” at Cedar Point.

    “Mean Streak” is a bad name for it. “Paint Mixer” would have been more suitable. That old woodie shook the living daylights out of me, I was half expecting to leave the ride sans a tooth or two.

  2. nemmy97

    Fatso in front of you…:)

    Cameras never work whenever I go to SFMM. They’re there on Goliath and Viper, I believe. Both I made poses for, both I couldn’t buy because there WAS no fucking photo kiosk.


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