I know, this is getting kinda old

#27: Colors Heavy.
#28: We Will Rock You.

In other news, I think I’m probably got no more than a month or two with being at Toppers. I just think it’s about time I look for a real job, so I can starting making enough money to find my own place. There’s a good thread over at DDR Freak, and in one post, iguanagrrl warns against going anywhere that the rent is 1/2 your monthly pay or more – which essentially eliminates any apartments around here except the ones in areas that are seedier than a ripe strawberry. I’m reading the want ads more and more, looking for a position that seems interesting and pays more than what I’m making right now. We’ll see what happens.


3 thoughts on “I know, this is getting kinda old

  1. djtifabal

    I’ve read through that thread and this will come in handy when I decide to move out after I get settled down on a study job. Thanks Loog.

    Good luck on the job search.


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