Randomness post

Haven’t done anything here in the last five days or so, so I might as well catch you guys up on what’s going on in my life.

  • #30 – Love Love Sugar. Might as well get that out of the way.
  • I’ve found a new poker site: Full Tilt. Haven’t deposited any real money onto the site, and as long as the play chip tables continue to not be populated with the kamikazes that were endemic to Party, I’m not planning on making a deposit any time soon. I’ve also played more Stud than Hold ’em, in an attempt to grow some sea legs in that phylum of the game. So far, my initial stake of 1000 play chips have peaked at over 4000, although I did take quite a beating on my last session.
  • Work was not so good today. Three-hour shifts are kinda silly anyway, especially when you spend $20 on gas at the the start of your shift – chances are maybe 50/50 that you’ll make that money back in tips. In my case, I didn’t today, no thanks to a Buckaroo, a 36¢ flounder, and a $2 tip on a $64 order.

    (BTW, I’ve come up with a better formula for what could be considered a “proper” tip: $2 minimum, or $1 for each pizza/sandwich ordered. So in the above example, $4 would be adequate – even though it’s less than 10% of the total.)

    I’m beginning to consider leaving Toppers when we’re done with EAT 4 (which is July 16th – mark your calendars and find your transportation). Only thing is, I’ve got a lot of issues to resolve if and when I decide to do that. Do I try one more time to find a TV job? Do I just try to find a career of any sort? Do I say in Ventura? Do I move out of town/state? Who knows. I would like to get my car paid off before making any major moves, but I just made a big lump sum payment on it to (finally) get out from being upside down, so I’ve got some time to weigh my options.

  • I forgot to mention – I videotaped part of last Friday’s festivities – namely, our games of Buried Treasure. I’ll tell ya, if I could’ve scripted this thing, I would’ve had it come out almost exactly the way our first game went: Ben came roaring back from a 50-25 deficit in the last round by finding the chest on his first try. Matt (who was trying to avenge his defeat from last time) failed to make headway in the Catch-Up round, and that was that. As for the bonus round, well, I’m going to wait until I get the video encoded so you all can see how that turned out.
  • Speaking of videos, I’m now in the process of burning to DVD all of the Sci-Fi episodes of MST3K. Only problem: downloading torrents of each season have been a major pain. I’m pretty much unable to use Firefox while I’m using the torrent program. I’ve tried buggering around with the program settings, but nothing seems to work. Oh well – my last download only took about one day (as opposed to the first one which took closer to four), so I’m not sweating it too much. I’ve got 14 episodes in the can so far; 8 more and I’m done with season 8.

    (And for those who think there might be some copyrighting problem, I have all these episodes on videotape already. I just want better quality copies of them, hence the torrent downloads.)

  • In case anyone’s wondering why I haven’t updated my site in eons, it’s because I haven’t been in a very “Website” mood as of late. It doesn’t help that my server seems to be down more often than it’s operational. I’m thinking about moving it to VizaWeb (as advertised by Leo LaPorte on his weekend radio show here in LA); more bandwidth (like I’d need it) and more server space (so I can put more videos on here), although the price is significantly higher: $5.95/mo as opposed to… well… free.

    I think that’s it. And if not, I’ve probably wasted enough of your time already.

  • 7 thoughts on “Randomness post

    1. robertsearcy

      I’m not intending this to be spam or anything. I’m just simply offering just to give a friend of the GS community. 😉

      If you would like, I might be able to offer you some space and bandwidth on my server (I do have one of those “virtual dedicated servers”) for $5 a month. If you are interested, do let me know.

    2. hmtriplecrown

      I’ve found a new poker site: Full Tilt.

      Some of us have known about Full Tilt since last spring, when pros were playing for play money (!!!), while they got real money games functional. I beat one of my poker idols, Andy Bloch, on two hands in one sitting. Go me.

      FTP’s good player-to-idiot ratio is significantly higher than PartyPoker and PokerStars. Most game show junkies I know have accounts at FTP, believe it or not.

    3. loogaroo

      Well, “found” is a vague word. I knew about FTP for a while, but it wasn’t until this week that I actually decided to give them a try.

      I also checked out PokerStars for a little while – uninstalled it when I saw that the interface was absolutely hideous.

    4. rbmkalpha

      Re: Web Sites:

      http://www.asmallorange.com is pretty nice. I got a domain for $10/year and for $5 a month I get, I think it’s 400mb and 10 gigs of data transfer/month.

      As far as the tipping goes, it does sound like a decent formula.

      Have you considered moving out of California alltogether, Loog?

    5. loogaroo

      I’ve considered it. I’m still working out what I would take into account as to where I would go if I did move out of state. Things like living expenses, expected pay rate, political environment, proximity to recreational places, etc.

    6. rbmkalpha

      Considering what you’re taking into account, I wouldn’t reccomend Pennsylvania. (I’m leaving of Erie like a bat out of hell once I get my EET degree.)


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